Mixing is now underway for the Goran Krmac Quartet live recordings. The process is taking place in a home studio in the Prešnica village, overlooking a green valley whose landscape and soundscape are occasionally pierced by a freight train dashing in and out of distant tunnels at the far side of the valley.
The recorded material is in good hands and that’s for two reasons. First of all, I have the privilege of getting my sound done by Gaber consistently over the years on every gig with Rudi Bučar. This way, Gaber has come to know Janez’s and my expressive range on our respective instruments. This knowledge comes in different layers, both from a technical as well as an intuitive/emotional point of view. This brings us to the second reason: Gaber’s approach to mixing appeals to me as the main goal is to help bring out the mood and emotion that the artist wants to convey with each piece of music. Interestingly, the end result may or may not sound ‘good’ or ‘correct’. But it sure sounds unique and honest.Needless to say, the more skill a sound engineer acquires, the more they can attain the desired result with ease and precision. Gaber’s high skill level means we can talk as musicians, keeping our focus on the musical goals that we set together. Basically, he plays the studio as if it were a musical instrument.This way of working has helped me further define my relationship with my music, both challenging me to and letting me express myself.Can’t wait to let all of you hear the music once it’s ready!