One of the most unusual instrumental ensembles, consisting of outstanding artists.

Zdenko Matoz, Delo

The real essence is found in elusive background nuances, hidden from the unattentive listener but well elaborated by the musicians throughout the compositions.

Nina Novak Oiseau, Sigic

Lead tuba and harp make for an eclectic mix of jazz and ‘old instrument’ aesthetic.

Jaka Golob, Radio Študent

Thoughtful and fresh

Veljko Njegovan, Mladina

Krmac has proven himself as an outstanding author, while his colleagues have shown their mastery as instrumentalists.

Veljko Njegovan, Mladina

The QR cover art visually emphasises precisely what the music is about – a meeting point between live and digital. Ethno music of the digital age.

Samo Turk, MuzikObala